Mark Bryce (Coach)


Mark coaches teams, organisations and individual clients.  He can also lead projects and deliver managed training programmes.

Clients include:

He helps them to simplify complex tasks/issues, track results and complete projects at pace.   He's a 'Maximiser' that strives for 'One Job With Excellence'.

His methodology?

Mark believes in breaking down goals into achievable steps and getting super focused on 'What's Important?'.  For example when he asked people to join him on his 'Round the World' challenge of walking, running, biking or swimming 18,500 miles (see below) he broke it down to just 153 miles, at a time, and created 'The 153 Mile Challenge'.  When he first introduced Guided Learning and online coaching in 2013/14 he broke it down into 10 hour learning blocks.  Why 10 Hours? You can do that with limited time. You can do it in a day, a week or even a month. In fact 10 Hours over a month is just 20 minutes a day. Anyone can spare 20 minutes a day.  Mark believes in making things simple, seamless and without barriers. 

Prove it

Mark has proven that breaking down big goals works. Over the years, he has set himself three big challenges, and achieved them all. The challenges were themed around '25K'. 

Challenge 1 - Help 25,000 people - COMPLETED. This was to learn how to reach and engage with lots of people and many different types of customers. He wanted to really understand customer relationships. Mark now has over 25,000 direct training and customer interactions (and still counting). He did it one person, one need at a time.

Challenge 2 - Play 25,000 First Person Multiplayer Games - COMPLETED. This was to learn about online teams and communication ... plus to have fun. Mark has now played over 25,000 individual games and matches in competitive multiplayer FPS titles. He did it twelve minutes at a time, one game at a time.

Challenge 3 - In 2005, Mark set himself the challenge to 'Walk-Run-Bike-Swim 18,500 miles', the equivalent of 'Round the World' - COMPLETED. This was to recover from a major calf injury and to set a once in a lifetime physical challenge. In 2015, he reset the target to 25,000 miles. He did it one step, one mile at a time.

Mark is quoted as saying "The goal isn't important. What matters is the person or team you must become everyday to achieve it".

Mark continues to set challenges.

Don't just take Mark's word for it 

Here's what some other people have said about Mark: