Mark Bryce

Trading as Tyrer Sorrel Since 2001

Mark coaches and leads business teams, organisations and individual clients. Clients include career builders; graduates; 50+ women; DISCO Entrepreneurs/Slashies (people who have a job and a business); managers who are leading change, feel overwhelmed and have limited time.

He helps them all set challenges, prioritise and track their own tasks and projects. He helps them break down goals and get super focused.

He's a maximiser that strives for 'one job with excellence'.

When he schedules work he uses '10 Hour Blocks'. Why 10 Hours? You can do that in a day, a week or even a month. In fact 10 Hours over 30 days is just 20 minutes a day. Anyone can spare 20 minutes a day. Simple, seamless and no barriers.

To prove setting challenges and breaking down goals works, Mark personally set himself three '25K Challenges', all of which he has achieved.

  1. Achieved - He has over 25,000 direct training and customer interactions. That's real people. He did it one person at a time.
  2. Achieved - For people that know gaming he's also played over 25,000 individual games and matches in competitive multiplayer FPS titles. He did it 12 minutes at a time, one game at a time.
  3. Achieved - In 2005 Mark set himself the challenge to walk-run-bike-swim 18,500 miles, the equivalent of "Round the World". In 2015 he reset the target to 25,000 miles to complete this set of three challenges. He completed it in May 2019. He did it one hour, one mile, one step at a time.

Mark Bryce is quoted as saying "The goal isn't important. What matters is the person you must become everyday and the consistent steps you take everyday, every week and every year to achieve it".

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